2017 NBFE Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustee development was led by the efforts of Carey Kriz, who actively participated in the development of several similar boards and organizations. Mr. Kriz recruited two physicians experienced in developing medical boards who were instrumental in describing the protocol necessary for creating the initial NBFE board. In addition, Mr. Kriz recruited a lawyer who specializes in the legal aspects of constructing not-for-profit organizations and Board governance. Based on interactions and instructions, Mr. Kriz suggested the nature and experience that would be required of the other members of the Board of Trustees. The result is an unbiased Board of Trustees, a group of experts from a variety of fields that share the highest morals, values, standards and dedication to help qualified fitness trainers evolve into true allied health professionals.


Sal A. Arria, DC Nino DiIullo, MD David L. Herbert
Thomas L. Hudson Carey Kriz Linda D. Pfeffer
Robert Replogle, MD J. Robert Sapp, Ed.D. Tom Vaught
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