NBFE UPDATE: PART II, the Practical Examination

August 20, 2008

The National Board of Fitness Examiner (NBFE) has been working diligently on completing the PFT Part II of the National Board Examination. After several months of planning and preparation, we are ready to begin the beta testing process. The first step in this process is to conduct a small group calibration of examiners, candidates and of the process itself. Two qualified examiners and standardized volunteer clients will participate in this calibration session overseen by the administrator. Separate calibration and grading sessions will be conducted and inter-rater and intra-rater reliability will be calculated. Upon completion of the exam process, each Candidate will be interviewed by the administrator regarding the process.

Feedback from this calibration process will be used to make any necessary modifications prior to beginning the actual beta test.

This process will be conducted on November 2, 2008 at 24 Hour Fitness in Las Vegas, NV. We are looking for 12 eligible Candidates and 4 to 6 volunteers to participate as standardized clients for this process. We encourage your participation for this very important process and would like each affiliate organization to participate. Travel will be at the Candidatešs expense; however the cost of the test will be waived. Upon successful completion, those who participate will be considered as "passing" Part II of the NBFE exam. If you are interested, please read further. This process is extremely important to the success of NBFE Part II and we ask that you honor your commitment to participate if accepted.

In order to continue to move the process along, we are allowing individuals who have previously sat for NBFE Part I and/or those eligible to sit for NBFE Part I but have not yet taken or passed Part I to participate in this process with the understanding that they will not receive certification until such time as they successfully pass both Part I and Part II. In addition, we are waiving the registration fee for NBFE Part II for those who are willing to participate in this process. This will be a one-time opportunity.

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