State Licensing of Personal Trainers

August 20, 2008

Most recently, two states and the District of Columbia have proposed laws that would regulate the practice of personal training and require trainers to obtain a license. The states, Georgia and Maryland, originally proposed legislation to utilize the National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE) examination in their respective regulatory provisions. There are no active proposals now pending in these states. The proposal in D.C. is still be considered.

State Download
Maryland House Bill, 2008
Georgia Senate Bill, 2008
Note: NBFE references are highlighted in yellow

Because of the lack of local, state or national regulations or licensing requirements for the education or practice of personal training, there's little doubt that proposals similar to the ones above will surface in the near future. Since its inception, the NBFE has remained neutral with regards to licensing. In an attempt to find out how fitness professionals felt, the NBFE conducted a licensing survey. CLICK HERE to download the results of that survey.

In response to the outcome, the NBFE continues to recommend that if states wish to license or regulate personal trainers, they follow models adopted by other allied health professions and utilize one standardized written and practical National Board examination. This would allow personal trainers to practice in multiple states or move from one state to another without needing to be reexamined.

The NBFE also proposes that the scope of practice and continuing education requirements remain the same in each state thereby eliminating unnecessary financial and logistic burdens on fitness professionals. The NBFE National Registry can serve to help protect the public by providing a single source to validate each individual Registered Trainers status.

The NBFE will continue to survey the public and fitness professionals as it continues to serve as an independent source for the personal training industry.

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