Provisional Affiliation is a temporary status that the National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE) grants certification organizations so that their graduates may sit for the NBFE Registered Personal Fitness Trainer examination. The NBFE has worked extensively to complete an exhaustive analysis of the practice domain of personal fitness trainers. This “domain analysis” identified seven major testing areas and sixteen measurable test objectives for examination. To apply for Provisional Affiliation, please click here and complete the following form including the self-study section outlining the major content areas of the examination and the testing objectives.

The purpose of NBFE affiliation application process is to ensure that graduates of all NBFE Affiliate Certification programs are prepared to take the examination in each of the testing areas and objectives.


Once Provisional Affiliation has been awarded, certification organizations will receive a form and instructions to apply for Full Affiliation. Certification organizations will be instructed to submit these documents as well as their curriculum and related instructional materials. Certifying organizations are required to submit the entire application package for Full Affiliation within 3 months from the date the Provisional Affiliation is awarded. Organizations that do not submit the application package by the 3-month deadline will have their Provisional Affiliation revoked and students from their program will no longer be able to complete the NBFE Personal Fitness Trainer Examination.

Download Full Affiliate 
Application,click here